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New Box Set Featuring Seven Classic Foreigner Albums to Be Released in October
Classic KFMC Rock News

For Aug 1 ,2014

New Box Set Featuring Seven Classic Foreigner Albums to Be Released in October

During its commercial heyday, Foreigner released one memorable hit after the next, reaching the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 more than a dozen times between the late 1970 and late 1980s. Now, a new box set gathering together the veteran rockers' first seven studio albums and featuring all of their best-known tunes is scheduled to be released this fall.

The CD collection, titled Foreigner: The Complete Atlantic Studio Albums 1977-1991, will hit stores on October 14. It includes the group's 1977 self-titled debut, as well as 1978's Double Vision, 1979's Head Games, 1981's 4, 1984's Agent Provocateur, 1987's Inside Information and 1991's Unusual Heat. Foreigner's first five albums all received multi-platinum certifications from the Record Industry Association of America, with Double Vision selling the most overall -- more than seven million copies in the U.S.

The first four discs in the compilation will include the bonus songs featured on the deluxe editions of the albums that were issued in 2002. Among these extra tracks are a demo of "Feels Like the First Time," a live rendition of "Hot Blooded" and a mostly acoustic version of "Waiting for a Girl Like You." The Complete Atlantic Studio Albums box set boasts a suggested list price of $39.98 and also will be available as a digital download.

Foreigner was led by the talents of singer Lou Gramm and guitarist Mick Jones, who wrote -- or co-wrote with Gramm -- all of band's biggest hits. The group topped the Hot 100 in 1984 with "I Want to Know What Love Is," and also reached the top 5 six other times, with "I've Been Waiting for a Girl Like You," "Double Vision," "Hot Blooded," "Feels Like the First Time," "Urgent" and "I Don't Want to Live Without You."

Gramm left Foreigner in 1990 and was replaced by Johnny Edwards, who handled lead vocals on Unusual Heat. Lou did return to the band for one more album, 1994's Mr. Moonlight, but left for good to focus on a solo career in 2003. Foreigner, of course, has continued on with Jones leading the group and Kelly Hansen as the frontman.


The Who's Townshend and Daltrey Working on British TV Series Focusing on 1960s London Music Scene

The Who's Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey are collaborating with Simon West, director of such action/adventure flicks as Con Air and The Expendables 2, on a new U.K. television series that will focus on the London music scene during the mid-1960s. British magazine Broadcast reports that the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers will oversee the music and also will have input on the script for the show, whose working title is Mods and Rockers.

Townshend, Daltrey and West will serve as co-producers on the program, as will longtime Who manager Bill Curbishley. The setting of the series apparently will be the same as that of the film adaptation of the band's classic 1973 rock opera Quadrophenia.

"We're not remaking Quadrophenia but it's that kind of world," West tells Broadcast. "It will also cover the rockers side of the story and spills out into the wider world of swinging '60s London, taking in gangsters, music and fashion. The two tribes will be at the heart of it."

The director is planning for the series to feature eight one-hour episodes and says the show is drawing the interest of multiple networks and production companies.

Robert Plant "Disappointed and Baffled" by Jimmy Page's Critical Remarks

Led Zeppelin fans know by now that chances of the surviving band members playing together again have seemed pretty slim lately, so they likely won't be surprised by Robert Plant's latest comments about the matter. In a new interview with U.K. magazine Uncut, the singer addressed remarks guitarist Jimmy Page made to The New York Times in May expressing frustration that Plant didn't want to take part in a new Zeppelin reunion.

"I feel for the guy," the famed frontman declared. "He knows he's got the headlines if he wants them. But I don't know what he's trying to do. So I feel slightly disappointed and baffled."

Plant also revealed that he actually reached out to Page "a couple of years ago" and offered to collaborate with him, but was rebuffed.

"I said [to Jimmy], 'If you've got anything acoustic, let me know. I'll give it a whirl," he recalled. "It was hands across the water. But he walked away. Just walked away."

As for a new full-fledged Led Zeppelin project, however, Plant said, "[W]e couldn't do anything proper. The weight of expectation is too great."

In the New York Times article, Page referred to a 2013 comment Plant made that appeared to suggest he was open to another Led Zeppelin reunion. "I was told last year that Robert Plant said he is doing nothing in 2014, and what do the other two guys think? Well, he knows what the other guys think. Everyone would love to play more concerts for the band," said Jimmy, adding, "He's just playing games, and I'm fed up with it."

Plant initially responded to Page's comments during a media event prior to a performance with his current band, The Sensational Space Shifters, at Morocco's Mawazine Festival. "I think he needs to go to sleep and have a good rest, and think again," said Robert. "We have a great history together and like all brothers we have these moments where we don't speak on the same page but that's life."

Plant's new solo album with the Space Shifters, Lullaby and…the Ceaseless Roar, will be released on September 9.

The Eagles' Don Henley to Present Robert Redford with Environmental Honor at Boston Benefit Event

Don Henley will present actor/director Robert Redford with a special honor recognizing his support for environmental causes during an intimate benefit concert The Eagles are playing on September 16 in Boston. Redford will receive the Walden Woods Project's 2014 Global Environmental Leadership Award, which acknowledges a person or organization that demonstrates "represents vision, creativity, dedication and sacrifice in addressing global environmental challenges."

The show will take place at Boston's Citi Performing Arts Center/Wang Theatre, and will raise money for the Walden Woods Project. That's the organization Henley founded in 1990 to oversee the protection of the Walden Pond area in Concord, Massachusetts, made famous by 19th century author Henry David Thoreau. The charity also supports various environmental initiatives that are in line with Thoreau's naturalist beliefs.

"Bob Redford was an environmentalist long before the well-being of our natural resources became an international concern," says Henley in a statement. "Whether he is defending the integrity of the public lands we leave as our legacy to future generations; whether he is lobbying Congress for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, fighting for the protection of the dwindling herds of America's iconic wild mustangs or advocating for measures to curb climate change, he puts the full measure of his time and talent, and the force of his convictions, behind all the compelling environmental causes he supports."

Tickets for the benefit event go on sale this Monday, August 4, at 10 a.m. ET at, and by phone at 800-745-3000. Tickets also can be purchased in person at the Wang Theatre Box Office starting this Tuesday at 11 a.m. CT.

Eric Clapton's star-packed JJ Cale tribute album, The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale, hits stores today. Joining Clapton on the collection of compositions by the late Oklahoma-based singer/songwriter are Tom Petty, Mark Knopfler, Willie Nelson and John Mayer, as well as many other respected musicians.

In a promotional video focusing on the making of the album, Clapton explains that he was more interested in capturing the sound of Cale's own records rather than he and his fellow collaborators putting their spin on the tunes.

"I thought it was the respectful thing to do, rather than just say…'Never mind all that. I'm gonna do it the way I do everything,'" he notes. "If you've never heard of JJ Cale, when you hear this record, you will be introduced to the way he made things sound. And I thought that was as important as anything else."

The music and playing of Cale, who died of heart failure at age 74 in July 2013, were major influences on Clapton's post-1960s recordings. JJ wrote two of Eric's best-known tunes -- "After Midnight" and "Cocaine" -- while Slowhand's 1977 hit "Lay Down Sally" was clearly inspired by Cale laidback country-blues style.

In the video, Eric reveals that the idea for the tribute album starting taking shape around the time of Cale's funeral.

"After the funeral, we gathered again to McCabe's [guitar shop in Los Angeles,] and I heard myself say that apart from family, the most profound effects of people passing on me were [blues legend] Freddie King and JJ," he declares. "So those characters, for some reason, have been very, very deep in my musical psyche."

Soon, Clapton teamed up with his longtime co-producer Simon Climie and, along with engineer Alan Douglas, and, as he explains, they "began to create the framework for this album."

Of the various stars who lent their talents to the record, Eric singles out Mayer as someone whose contributions he was particularly impressed with. The pop-blues virtuoso sings and plays guitar appears on three songs on The Breeze -- "Magnolia," "Lies" and "Don't Wait."

"He cut all those tracks in about an hour, first or second take, and I was gobsmacked," says Clapton. "Y'know, [I have] a new respect for John, 'cause he's extremely gifted."

Mayer, meanwhile, is mutually complimentary of Clapton, praising him for the respect he shows the musicians who came before him.

"This kind of project continues to speak volumes about Eric and where he sees himself in the lineage of music," Mayer points out in the video. "He's never denied being a recipient of inspiration. He's never denied being a student of the blues, and that really inspired me to see myself as somewhere in…the ongoing lineage."

The Breeze is available as a standard CD, vinyl LP and digital download. In addition, separate deluxe multiple CD and vinyl LP packages can be purchased at The deluxe CD box set offers a bonus disc of original recordings by Cale, including three previously unreleased tracks; a specially designed USB drive featuring digital versions of The Breeze and the Cale tunes as well as a video interview with Clapton; six collectible lithographs; and a 20-page book.


Second Installment of Led Zeppelin Reissue Campaign Arriving in October

The Led Zeppelin reissue campaign will continue this fall, when the band releases remastered and expanded versions of their fourth and fifth studio albums, 1971's Led Zeppelin IV and 1973's Houses of the Holy. The deluxe sets, which will hit stores on October 28, will include bonus discs featuring previously unreleased mixes and studio outtakes.

As with the first installment of the reissue series, which came out in June, the new releases will be available in a variety of formats. These include a single CD version; a deluxe edition, which boasts the "companion" audio disc; vinyl versions of those two packages; and a Super Deluxe Boxed Set, which contains the album and the companion audio, both on CD and vinyl, plus an 80-page book of rare and unseen photos, a digital download of the music, and a high-quality print of the original album cover. The reissues are available for pre-order now at

Led Zeppelin IV, which also sometimes is referred to as the "Runes" album or "Zoso," topped the Billboard 200 upon its 1971 release and went on to sell 23 million copies in the U.S., making it the third most-successful album ever in the country. Among the many classic songs featured on the record are "Stairway to Heaven," "Rock and Roll," "Black Dog," "Misty Mountain Hop," and "Going to California." The companion disc included with the deluxe reissue of the album feature alternate mixes of all eight tracks.

Houses of the Holy also reached #1 on the Billboard album tally, and has sold more than 11 million copies since its 1973 release. Among the well-known Zeppelin tunes on the track list are "Over the Hills and Far Away," "Dancing Days," "The Song Remains the Same," and the reggae-influenced "D'yer Mak'er." Alternate and/or rough mixes of seven of the record's eight songs are featured on the reissued version's companion disc.

Here's a rundown of all the "companion audio" you'll get with the Led Zeppelin IV and Houses of the Holy reissues:

Led Zeppelin IV: Companion Audio Disc
"Black Dog" -- Basic Track with Guitar Overdubs
"Rock and Roll" -- Alternate Mix
"The Battle of Evermore" -- Mandolin/Guitar Mix from Headley Grange
"Stairway to Heaven" -- Sunset Sound Mix
"Misty Mountain Hop" -- Alternate Mix
"Four Sticks" -- Alternate Mix
"Going to California" -- Mandolin/Guitar Mix
"When the Levee Breaks" -- Alternate UK Mix

Houses of the Holy: Companion Audio Disc
"The Song Remains the Same" -- Guitar Overdub Reference Mix
"The Rain Song" -- Mix Minus Piano
"Over the Hills and Far Away" -- Guitar Mix Backing Track
"The Crunge" -- Rough Mix - Keys Up
"Dancing Days" -- Rough Mix with Vocal
"No Quarter" -- Rough Mix with John Paul Jones Keyboard Overdubs - No Vocal
"The Ocean" -- Working Mix


If you're a fan of either Smashing Pumpkins or Motley Crue, you would've had to have been hiding under a rock to miss the recent news that Tommy Lee has been the guest drummer on Smashing Pumpkins' new album. Pumpkins mastermind Billy Corgan has posted numerous reports on the recording sessions, and to say his descriptions of Tommy Lee are enthusiastic would be a huge understatement. Likewise, Lee's a fan of Corgan's.

Tommy Lee tells ABC News Radio, "I've met Billy on several occasions, but...kind of out of the blue I got an email from his manager, who was like, 'Hey, Billy would like to talk to you about playing on the new Smashing Pumpkins record,' and I was like, 'That would be amazing, I would love that!'"

Lee says that after some emails, Corgan hopped on a plane from Chicago and brought the demos to him. "Wow was I impressed!," says Lee. "He played me nine songs [and I said], 'You have a hit record on your hands, dude, and yes, I want to be a part of this!'"

Tommy tells ABC News Radio that he and Billy were on the same wavelength from the beginning. "I remember him jumping up and down in the studio after one of the drum takes [yelling], 'This is exactly what I want! Oh my God! Finally!'"

The drummer says that although he's been jamming with other people for almost 40 years, Corgan's enthusiasm blew him away. "I was like, 'Wow!'," says Tommy. "It was just really cool to be appreciated that much. I just haven't felt something like that. It was really, really cool."

As much as Corgan sings Lee's praises, Lee returns the favor, telling ABC News Radio, "That guy is so smart and so talented, I've got nothing but massive respect for him and adoration, and when he goes and writes those wonderful things about me, it's like I get goosebumps. I sometimes don't receive that sort of love or praise from my own band, you know? It was really wonderful."

Joe Perry Reveals He Recently Recorded with Paul McCartney for a Project That's "Under Wraps"

(NOTE LANGUAGE) Two of the rock world's biggest stars came together recently for a very interesting studio collaboration. Aerosmith's Joe Perry revealed to the Chicago Sun-Times in a phone interview earlier this week that he did a recording session "with Paul McCartney a month and a half ago for a private thing."

The guitar great explained that he'd previously met the Beatles legend briefly "once or twice" over the years, but this time he got to "spend six or eight hours in studio with him."

So, what was it like working with Sir Paul? "He makes you feel like [you're recording with just another guy]. He just happens to be a motherf**king huge talent!" Perry declared. "Everyone’s in the room at once; you play until you get a good take."

Also on hand for the session were Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp, the latter of whom is mutual friends with Cooper, Perry and McCartney. Joe recalled of the star-studded gathering, "[T]he three of us are looking at each other like, hey, we're sitting here with Paul McCartney! And we're all looking at each other like open-mouthed kids."

Perry added, "Paul was really nice. He's all about business [when he's recording]. At 72 he can still hit all those notes."

As for what the recording is for, Perry would say only, "It's a project that we're keeping under wraps for now. There will be [an announcement when the time is right]."


Check Out Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' Entire New Album, Hypnotic Eye, Online Now

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' latest album, Hypnotic Eye, arrives in stores this Tuesday, July 29, but fans can check out the record in its entirety from now until Monday at Amazon.

The album is available in a variety of configurations, including a standard CD, standard vinyl LP, high-quality FLAC digital download, Blu-ray Audio, and limited-edition two-LP set on 180-gram vinyl. Most versions of the release feature 11 tracks, but the Blu-ray Audio and double-LP editions also include a bonus track titled "Playing Dumb."

As previously reported, Petty and his band will kick off a North American tour in support of Hypnotic Eye with an August 3 concert in San Diego. Steve Winwood will serve as the opening act on the trek, which is scheduled through an October 10 show in Los Angeles.

Petty has posted some photos and a couple of brief video clips of him and The Heartbreakers rehearsing for the tour on his official Instagram site. One clip shows the band rocking out to Hypnotic Eye's lead track, "American Dream Plan B."

Jack White, Dave Matthews, Neil Young, John Mellencamp & Willie Nelson to Headline Farm Aid 2014

This year's Farm Aid benefit show will take place on September 13 in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the lineup includes all the usual suspects, plus one new face: Jack White.

White will join Farm Aid board members Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews and Neil Young on the bill at the event, which takes place at Raleigh's Walnut Creek Amphitheater. Tickets go on sale August 1 at 10 a.m. ET. Others on the bill include country star Jamey Johnson, the Preservation Jazz Hall Band, and the group Delta Rae.

In a statement, Willie Nelson, Farm Aid's president, says, "In North Carolina and across the Southeast, family farmers have struggled to stay on the land, but they have also pioneered new roads to economic sustainability. This region knows the value of its farmers and offers increasing opportunities for new farmers to build a strong regional food system."

He adds, "On the Farm Aid stage Saturday, September 13, we'll celebrate family farmers and the healthy communities they're growing for all of us."

Mellencamp added in a statement that Farm Aid has a "fair-like feeling," explaining, "All day long, people are performing onstage and food from family farmers is being served. It’s a great occasion for families to come listen to great music and teach their children about where their food comes from."

Farm Aid was inspired by something Bob Dylan said at Live Aid in 1985: he noted that he hoped some of the money raised would go to help farmers who were in danger of losing their farms because they couldn't pay their mortgages. Later that same year, the first Farm Aid concert was held in Champaign, Illinois, with a massive lineup of performers, including Dylan, Mellencamp, Nelson and Young, plus Bon Jovi, Bonnie Raitt, Lou Reed, Carole King, Huey Lewis, Roy Orbison, Billy Joel and dozens more. Since then, Farm Aid events have raised $45 million to support family farmers.


More Metallica Concert Footage from European Tour Posted Online

Metallica fans who couldn't make it to the band's summer shows in the Czech Republic, Austria and Poland can now enjoy some select highlights online.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band recently made available new videos from all three shows featuring concert performances as well as behind-the-scenes footage.

The video from the July 8 gig in Prague, Czech Republic, is about 24 minutes long and opens with guitarist Kirk Hammett expressing mock anger backstage over fans not requesting certain songs, among them "St. Anger."

The shortest video is from the July 9 concert in Vienna, Austria. It's about 15 minutes in length and includes a performance of "Master of Puppets."

The 26-minute clip from the July 11 show in Warsaw, Poland, shows band members backstage signing autographs and receiving gifts from fans, along with a concert take on "For Whom the Bell Tolls."

(A brief ad may play before videos begin.)


Jon Bon Jovi to Be Honored for Humanitarian Work in Philadelphia

Philadelphia isn't far from New Jersey, which is why Jon Bon Jovi has devoted a lot of his humanitarian efforts to the City of Brotherly Love. Now, he'll be getting an award for it.

This November 18, Jon will receive the 2014 Marian Anderson Award, named after the late singer and Philadelphia native Marian Anderson, who became the first African-American soloist at the Metropolitan Opera. The award is presented annually to "critically acclaimed artists who have impacted society in a positive way, either through their work, or their support for an important cause." Past recipients include Elizabeth Taylor, Bill Cosby, James Earl Jones and Harry Belafonte.

Jon's charity, the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, was founded in Philadelphia, and has worked to provide food and shelter to homeless and low-income families in Philly and across the country.

In a statement, Jon said, "It's a great honor to be recognized by the great city of Philadelphia in receiving this prestigious award. The JBJ Soul Foundation originated in Philadelphia...and will continue to reach those in need, both locally and nationally. Through the 'power of WE,' we can end homelessness and hunger."

Marian Anderson Award board chair Nina C. Tinari said in a statement, "This year, we wanted to single out an artist whose work is not only global, but also deeply invested here in Philadelphia....We also wanted to highlight the impact of an individual who is in the forefront of artists who have made the choice to help change the world for the better."

Continuing his humanitarian efforts, on July 30, Jon and his solo band, the Kings of Suburbia, will play a fundraising show in Red Bank, New Jersey, to benefit a local health center.


Stevie Nicks to Release New Album 24 Karat Gold -- Songs from the Vault in October

Stevie Nicks hinted earlier this year that she might release some older songs that had never seen the light of day. Now, she's making good on that tease: her new album 24 Karat Gold -- Songs from the Vault is due October 7.

According to Stevie, the album features mostly songs written between 1969 and 1987, with two that were written in 1994 and 1995. "Each song is a lifetime. Each song has a soul. Each song has a purpose. Each song is a love story," she says in a statement. "They represent my life behind the scenes, the secrets, the broken hearts, the broken-hearted and the survivors. These songs are the memories -- the 24 karat gold rings in the blue box. These songs are for you."

The artwork for the album includes never-before-seen Polaroid photos taken by Stevie throughout her career.

24 Karat Gold -- Songs from the Vault is available for pre-order starting August 5. That same day, Stevie will debut her new, official Instagram account, StevieNicksOfficial, where she'll begin previewing snippets of the music.

In addition, a limited edition double vinyl version of 24 Karat Gold -- Songs from the Vault will come out September 29. Also available will be a Deluxe Photobook CD, which will include two bonus tracks, as well as 48 pages of exclusive photos from Stevie's personal collection.

Stevie and Fleetwood Mac will hit the road for their On with the Show tour -- featuring the return of Christine McVie -- starting September 30 in Minneapolis.

Joe Perry Planning to Finish New Solo Album After Aerosmith Tour Ends

Aerosmith is scheduled to be out on tour with Slash through a September 12 show in Nova Scotia, Canada, but guitarist Joe Perry says fans will have quite a bit to look forward to after he and his bandmates wrap up their 2014 itinerary.

As previously reported, Perry will be releasing his autobiography, Rocks: My Life in and out of Aerosmith, on October 7, and he reveals to that he's also about halfway done with a new solo album.

"I've got about six songs I'm really excited about," Perry tells the website. "I want to get into them as soon as possible. That's the main focus now."

The 63-year-old rocker also says he'll spend about a month promoting his book, including some in-store signing appearances.

"We're thinking of different ways to use the Internet to promote it," Joe adds, revealing that he's planning to release four free songs that are "really representative of some of my solo work" to those who purchase the memoir.

In addition, Perry tells that Steven Tyler also is hoping to complete a solo album, and says that Aerosmith may even "get together and do another record" sometime next year.

Aerosmith's next concert is scheduled for this Friday in Tinley Park, Illinois.

Best of Ozzy Osbourne's Solo Years Compiled for Memoirs of a Madman

Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne has released 10 solo albums so far. If you don't already have them all, on October 7, his best-known solo material will be available in a variety of packages, all dubbed Memoirs of a Madman.

There are three audio-only editions of the compilation: a single CD, a double-vinyl set, and a limited-edition double-vinyl picture disc. Each edition will contain 17 songs spanning 30 years of Osbourne solo efforts. The Memoirs of a Madman track list includes:

"Crazy Train"
"Mr. Crowley"
"Flying High Again"
"Over the Mountain"
"Bark at the Moon"
"The Ultimate Sin"
"Miracle Man"
"No More Tears"
"Mama, I’m Coming Home"
"Road to Nowhere"
"Perry Mason"
"I Just Want You"
"Gets Me Through"
"I Don’t Wanna Stop"
"Life Won’t Wait"
"Let Me Hear You Scream"

A two-disc DVD set of Memoirs of a Madman will include more than 20 Osbourne music videos, as well as concert performances and interviews.

You can pre-order Memoirs of a Madman now through There's also an exclusive limited-edition fan-bundle package available through Osbourne's site. It contains the CD, DVD and double-vinyl versions of Memoirs of a Madman, plus a poster personally autographed by Osbourne.

Tree Planted in L.A. Park in Honor of Late Beatle George Harrison Eaten by Beetles

A pine tree that was planted in Los Angeles' Griffith Park in 2002 in memory of late Beatles guitarist George Harrison has met an ironic fate. L.A. Councilman Tom LaBonge revealed recently to the Los Angeles Times' "Pop & Hiss" music blog that the tree has died after being infested with, yes, beetles.

The tree, which was only a sapling when it was planted near the Griffith Park Observatory, featured a commemorative plaque at its base acknowledging Harrison's contributions as a musician and a humanitarian, as well as his love for gardening. LaBonge tells ABC News Radio that the tree had grown to 12 feet in height before it was felled by the insect infestation.

LaBonge, who attended Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band's concert at the Greek Theatre on Saturday, says that plans are in the works for a new tree to be planted in November.

Harrison died in November 2001 at age 59 after a battle with cancer.


Bob Geldof's Daughter Died of Heroin Overdose, Inquest Rules

The surprise death in April of Bob Geldof's daughter, 25-year-old British TV presenter, model and journalist Peaches Geldof, was caused by a heroin overdose, a coroner has ruled.

According to the BBC, the inquest into Geldof's death turned up extremely pure heroin in a bag inside her house, as well as syringes, burnt spoons, and a pair of knotted pantyhose -- all evidence of drug use. A syringe was also found in a box next Geldof's bed. The level of heroin in her body was in a "fatal range," according to the pathologist, while puncture wounds were found on her elbows, wrists and thumbs. Codeine, methadone and morphine were also found in her body.

The BBC reports that the married mother of two had formerly been a heroin addict and had taken methadone, a heroin substitute, for two-and-a-half years prior to her death. Her husband, Tom Cohen, said that Peaches had started using heroin again in February, and had lied to him when she told him that she'd passed drug tests every week.

Peaches Geldof's mother, TV personality Paula Yates and ex-wife of Bob Geldof, died of a heroin overdose at the age of 41, when Peaches was 11.


2014 Rock'n'Blues Fest Tour to Continue in Homage to the Late Johnny Winter

Before his sudden death on July 16 while on tour in Zurich, Switzerland, blues guitar legend Johnny Winter had been scheduled to hit the road next week with his brother Edgar and other stars for a new edition of the annual Rock'n'Blues Fest tour. Now, Edgar Winter has announced that the trek will go ahead as planned, as a tribute to Johnny.

The third annual edition of the outing features a total of 12 dates, running from a July 31 show in Clarkston, Michigan, through an August 24 concert in Snoqualmie, Washington. The other acts on the Rock'n'Blues Fest -- A Tribute to Johnny Winter tour lineup are Vanilla Fudge, ex-Rare Earth singer Peter Rivera and Savoy Brown's Kim Simmonds. In addition, Rick Derringer, who's famously collaborated with both Johnny and Edgar Winter over the years, will be a special guest at the last two shows of the trek -- August 23 in Las Vegas and the aforementioned Snoqualmie gig.

Fans who attend this year's Rock'n'Blues Fest shows can expect the acts to perform a variety of songs that Johnny used to play, including such classics as "Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo," "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" and "Johnny B. Goode."

Here is the full itinerary of the 2014 Rock'n'Blues Fest trek:

7/31 -- Clarkston, MI, DTE Energy Music Theatre
8/1 -- Westbury, NY, Theatre at Westbury
8/2 -- Rockland, ME, Harbor Park
8/8 -- Englewood, NJ, Bergen Performing Arts Center
8/10 -- Waukegan, IL, Genesee Theatre
8/13 -- Melbourne, FL, King Center for the Performing Arts
8/14 -- Jacksonville, FL, Florida Theatre
8/15 -- Fort Lauderdale, FL, Broward Center for the Performing Arts
8/16 -- Clearwater, FL, Ruth Eckerd Hall
8/22 -- Anaheim, CA, City National Civic of Anaheim
8/23 -- Las Vegas, NV, The Cannery
8/24 -- Snoqualmie, WA, Snoqualmie Casino


ZZ Top's Dusty Hill Needs Kidney Stone Operation, Forcing Band to Cancel Six Upcoming Shows

ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill is scheduled to undergo an operation to remove two kidney stones this week, forcing the veteran rockers to cancel six headlining dates that were to have preceded the launch of their joint U.S. tour with Jeff Beck.

The nixed shows were scheduled for this Friday in Morton, Minnesota; this Saturday in West Bend, Wisconsin; this Sunday in Cincinnati; Tuesday, July 29, in Louisville, Kentucky; Wednesday, July 30 in Asheville, North Carolina; and Monday, August 1, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Doctors discovered the kidney stones during a routine exam, and they advised Dusty that he should have them taken out right away. Hill will need about two weeks to recover, and he's expected to fully recover from the procedure. ZZ Top's next confirmed show will be held August 6 in Sturgis, South Dakota, and the Texas trio is then slated to kick off its co-headlining trek with Beck on August 8 in Missoula, Montana.

The joint tour is mapped out through a September 13 show in Thackerville, Oklahoma. ZZ Top also has a bevy of North American fall headlining dates lined up that run from a September 25 gig in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, through a November 2 concert in San Antonio.

Here are the dates:

8/6 -- Sturgis, SD, Buffalo Chip Campground
*8/8 -- Missoula, MT, Ogren Park
*8/9 -- Woodinville, WA, Chateau Ste. Michelle
*8/10 -- Eugene, OR, Cuthbert Amphitheatre
*8/12 -- Saratoga, CA, The Mountain Winery
*8/13 -- Los Angeles, CA, Greek Amphitheatre
*8/15 -- Murphys, CA, Ironstone Amphitheatre
*8/16 -- Las Vegas, NV, The Joint
*8/17 -- Tucson, AZ, AVA Amphitheatre
*8/19 -- Albuquerque, NM, Sandia Casino
*8/20 -- Englewood, CO, Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre
*8/22 -- Oklahoma City, OK, Zoo Amphitheatre
*8/23 -- Kansas City, MO, Starlight Theater
*8/24 -- Maryland Heights, MO, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
*8/27 -- Clarkston, MI, DTE Energy Music Theatre
*8/28 -- Highland Park, IL, Ravinia
*8/29 -- Salamanca, NY, Seneca Allegany Casino
*8/30 -- Atlantic City, NJ, Concert Venue at Harrah's
*8/31 -- Mashantucket, CT, MGM Grand Theater @ Foxwoods
*9/2 -- Boston, MA, Blue Hills Bank Pavilion
*9/3 -- Columbia, MD, Merriweather Post Pavilion
*9/4 -- Wantagh, NY, Nikon @ Jones Beach Theater
*9/6 -- Alpharetta, GA, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
*9/7 -- St. Augustine, FL, St. Augustine Amphitheater
*9/9 -- West Palm Beach, FL, Cruzan Amphitheater
*9/10 -- Tampa, FL, MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheater
*9/12 -- The Woodlands, TX, Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
*9/13 -- Thackerville, OK, Winstar Casino
9/25 -- Bloomsburg, PA, Bloomsburg Fairgrounds
9/26 -- Springfield, MA, The Big E Xfinity Arena
9/27 -- Portland, ME, Maine State Pier
9/28 -- Hampton Beach, NH, Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
9/30 -- Montreal, QC, Canada, Bell Centre
10/1 -- Hamilton, ON, Canada, FirstOntario Centre
10/3 -- Rama, ON, Canada, Casino Rama Entertainment Centre
10/4 -- Battle Creek, MI, Firekeepers Casino
10/5 -- La Crosse, WI, La Crosse Center
10/7 -- Milwaukee, WI, Riverside Theatre
10/8 -- Fort Wayne, IN, Foellinger Theatre
10/10 -- Hinckley, MN, Grand Casino Hinckley Amphitheater
10/11 -- Clear Lake, IA, Surf Ballroom
10/12 -- Davenport, IA, Adler Theatre - RiverCenter
10/14 -- Huntington, WV, Big Sandy Superstore Arena
10/15 -- Columbia, SC, South Carolina State Fairgrounds
10/18 -- Red Bank, NJ,Count Basie Theatre
10/19 -- Kingston, NY, Broadway Theater - Ulster Performing Arts Center
10/22 -- Roanoke, VA, Roanoke Performing Arts Center
10/24 -- Danville, KY, Norton Center - Centre College of Kentucky
10/25 -- Bowling Green, KY, Bowling Green Hot Rods Field
10/29 -- Montgomery, AL, Montgomery Performing Arts Centre
10/31 -- Biloxi, MS, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
11/2 -- San Antonio, TX, Majestic Theatre

* = with Jeff Beck.

Eric Clapton Says He Still Intends to Retire from Road, but Also Has Plans for New Album

Over the last year or so, Eric Clapton has commented in multiple interviews that he's planning on retiring from touring when he turns 70. The guitar legend, who will reach that milestone in March, now tells Rolling Stone he's still considering quitting the road in 2015.

"Next year, I might do a couple of shows and say, 'Folks, that's it, I'm off,'" he declares. "Then I'll see what I make of that, whether I'm content to just go into the studio now and then and play at home for the family."

Slowhand also reveals that he's not planning to put together another Crossroads Guitar Festival, the star-studded benefit for his Crossroads rehab facility that he organized in 2004, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

"I think this could be it," he says. "I don't want to work that hard, that much, anymore."

Next week, on July 29, Clapton will release a tribute album to his late friend, collaborator and musical inspiration JJ Cale -- The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale. Also lending their talents to the project, which Eric says was "a joy to do," were such stars as Tom Petty, Mark Knopfler, Willie Nelson, John Mayer and Derek Trucks.

Meanwhile, Clapton tells Rolling Stone that before Cale's death last year inspired him to put together the tribute project, "I was planning to write and record another album for myself…So that's the next thing I would do."

Eric reveals that there's also some extra Cale-written material from The Breeze sessions that he plans to finish later this summer. "We recorded many more tracks, some of them unpublished," he explains. "I have some time in August in the studio to complete that and maybe start recording self-penned stuff."

With regard to coming up with new original songs, Clapton says he has been struggling a bit lately, admitting that he's "just lazy." He explains, "When I get to 'What am I going to do for that bit?' I stop and turn on the TV. I'm easily distracted."

He adds, "What I've done a lot is written songs, then forgotten them. I put them down as a voice memo, on my phone, then I lose the memo." However, Clapton assures Rolling Stone that he does have some new tunes in the works he hasn't forgotten that currently are saved on his iPhone.


Tom Petty Critiques Catholic Church, Greedy Politicians on New Album

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' upcoming album, Hypnotic Eye, finds Petty offering his two cents on a number of topical subjects. The 63-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer recently shared some details about his latest songs in a Q&A with Billboard.

One new track, titled "Playing Dumb," which only is available as a bonus song on the vinyl edition of Hypnotic Eye, focuses on the sex abuse scandal in which the Catholic Church has been embroiled. Petty says he has nothing against Catholics, but he apparently takes issue with people who continue to support the church hierarchy in the wake of the way it's handled the many instances of abuse.

"I'm fine with whatever religion you want to have," he maintains, while noting, "If I was in a club, and I found out that there had been generations of people abusing children, and then that club was covering that up, I would quit the club. And I wouldn't give them any more money."

Petty also tells Billboard that on Hypnotic Eye, he critiques the greed displayed by politicians who support the extremely wealthy to the detriment of the lower classes. "Very few people know how to handle power and once they just become completely immoral, they're dangerous people," Petty explains. "That attitude is what, to me, wipes out the middle class."

In addition to songs about contemporary issues, Hypnotic Eye also includes a tune that was inspired by a harrowing personal incident in Tom's life: the second of two fires that destroyed homes in which he lived. The song "All You Can Carry" specifically is about how he carried a Hofner bass that he owned to safety as the house burned.

"I grabbed that and went, 'Hell, is this going to happen to me twice in my life where everything I own is just wiped out?'" he tells Billboard. "And then I thought, 'Well, I'm OK with that.' Because things come back, but people don't."

Hypnotic Eye hits stores on July 29.


AMC Reality Series About KISS Members' Arena Football Team Premiering August 12

KISS' Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley will be featured in a new AMC reality series titled 4th and Loud that will take a behind-the-scenes look at LA KISS, the new Los Angeles-area Arena Football League team the rockers co-own. The docu-series, which premieres August 12 at 7 p.m. ET, follows Simmons, Stanley and their partners as they try to infuse some rock 'n' roll spirit into the first pro football franchise to play in L.A. in 20 years.

The program also will focus on the team's players, coaches and cheerleaders as they prepare for their inaugural season.

Deadline reports that Simmons and Stanley chatted about LA KISS last week at a Television Critics Association panel in Los Angeles.

"What we've brought to rock 'n' roll we want to bring to sport," explained Stanley.

Simmons added that they wanted the team's cheerleaders to display a bit more sex appeal than the ladies seen on the sidelines of your average NFL game. "We wanted to have girls who are not the girl next door but the girl you wish was next door," he said.

Ted Nugent Says All His "Music Dreams Came True" with New Album, ShutUp&Jam!

Ted Nugent has just released his first studio album in seven years, ShutUp&Jam!, which features raging slabs of blistering blues-infused and hard-rock riffs. The record finds the outspoken right-wing rocker paying tribute to military heroes, touting the freedoms offered American citizens and declaring his love for good, old-fashioned barbecue, while also sharing his desire to simply keep rocking out.

Nugent tells ABC News Radio that all of his "musical dreams came true on this record," because he had the chance to collaborate with some of his favorite musicians.

One of the tracks on ShutUp&Jam!, "She's Gone," is a duet with his old friend Sammy Hagar. Ted says he'd wanted to record something with Hagar for years, but they could never coordinate their busy schedules. Nugent notes that the historic collaboration finally happened earlier this year when he was laid up after undergoing a double knee-replacement surgery.

"Thank God the planets aligned and…Sammy was available," says Ted, adding that the Red Rocker signed on after hearing a demo with Nugent singing the whole tune. "He said, 'I'm in!' recalls the Nuge. "'That's exactly what I wanted to do. I don't want to sing hit records and pop songs…I wanna jam with musicians that I love, so I'll be happy to sing this, Ted.'"

The 65-year-old rocker says he also was excited that Johnny "Bee" Badanjek, the legendary drummer for Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, lent his talents to "She's Gone," as well as the song "I Still Believe." Nugent calls Badanjek "the god of thunder drums," and reports that they first played together way back in 1960 at a gig in the Detroit suburb of Walled Lake, Michigan.

Nugent tells ABC News Radio that the new set of songs came together as a reaction to his feelings of frustration about the policies of the current U.S. administration.

"I balance…my fisticuffs fighting for 'We, the People' and fighting the criminality in our government to just showering myself, bathing myself, immersing myself in what Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley and Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters and James Brown and Wilson Pickett and the mighty Motown Funk Brothers taught me," he says. "And I think that is why these songs all have killer grooves, because it's stream-of-consciousness creativity and it's a direct counterpunch to the heartbreak of fighting such a corrupt and power-abusing government."

Nugent, of course, also is passionate about hunting, and he maintains that spending a few hours pursuing wild game helped him get in the mood to grind out some of the new guitar riffs.

"I hunt three hundred days a year, so I come in quite motivated and quite inspired and cleansed and relaxed from sitting in a tree with a sharp stick for three or four hours every morning," he points out. "And, I get my coffee and train my dogs and hug my wife and I pick up a guitar and these licks, these grooves, these rhythms, these patterns, these guitar statements, they happen every time." (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

Nugent recently launched a major U.S. summer tour in support of ShutUp&Jam! that's plotted out through an August 17 concert in Midland, Texas. You can check out Ted's full itinerary at


Guitar Great Johnny Winter, Dead at 70

Blues rock guitar legend Johnny Winter has died at age 70.

Winter’s passing was first reported by American Blues Scene magazine. Jenda Derringer, wife of former Winter band mate and frequent collaborator Rick Derringer, also posted on her Facebook page, “Oh, Lord, don't let this be true! We just were told by a reliable source that Johnny Winter has passed.”

Winter was on tour in Europe and reportedly died Wednesday in a hotel in Zurich, Switzerland.

Winter, the brother of veteran rocker Edgar Winter, was also a three-time Grammy award-winning producer for blues great Muddy Waters, and several of his own albums were Grammy nominated. Winter’s most recent album was 2011’s Roots.


Neil Young Schedules October Concerts in Boston and Philadelphia

Neil Young currently is touring around Europe with his old backing group Crazy Horse, but the folk-rock legend has started to make some solo plans for the fall. The 68-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer has scheduled a pair of two-nights stands, on October 5 and 6 at the Wang Theatre in Boston and on October 8 and 9 at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia.

Tickets for the Boston shows already are available and are almost sold out, while tickets to the Philadelphia concerts will go on sale to the general public this Friday at 10 a.m. ET.

Young also will be performing at the 28th annual edition of his Bridge School Benefit Concert, which will be held October 25 and 26 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. A full lineup for the star-studded event will be announced in the coming weeks.

Neil's European trek with Crazy Horse winds down with an August 8 appearance in Colmar, France.


Paul McCartney Has Dinner and Dessert with Billionaire Warren Buffett in Omaha

A former Beatle and an American billionaire dined together publicly over the weekend, much to the surprise and excitement of people in the Dundee district of Omaha, Nebraska.

Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett ate dinner Sunday at Avoli Osteria, an Italian restaurant on Underwood Avenue, reports the Omaha World-Herald. Owner and chef Dario Shicke says Sir Paul had gluten-free pasta, and that the entire party also enjoyed appetizers and sorbetto.

Afterward, McCartney, Buffett and their companions trekked down Underwood Avenue to an ice cream shop for dessert. McCartney ordered two scoops of vanilla at the eCreamery store, according to clerk Josh Ryan. After leaving the store, McCartney and Buffett crossed the street and sat together on a bench, as passersby took photos and eventually sent them off with a round of applause.

McCartney was scheduled to perform Monday night at the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Members of Sammy Hagar's Latest Band Recall Offstage Encounters Involving Led Zeppelin's John Bonham

Sammy Hagar's upcoming tour is dubbed A Journey Through the History of Rock, and with drummer Jason Bonham keeping the beat every night, chances are the shows will feature some Led Zeppelin material.

A recent rehearsal witnessed by USA Today featured some Zeppelin songs as well as a few stories from Hagar's current backing musicians about that band's legendary drummer, John Bonham.

Early in Van Halen's career, bassist Michael Anthony said Bonham "took a swing" at Alex Van Halen when they met him at a Los Angeles club. Upon hearing this, Jason Bonham recalled a time when, with his father present, Alex refused to shake his hand. "I bet that's why," Jason concluded.

Jason also remembered going to a Police concert with his father, and backstage, the elder Bonham stepped on Sting's blue suede shoes.

"He told my Dad, 'Don't step on my blue suede shoes,'" Jason said with a laugh. "Dad got up in his face pretty fast."

Hagar's A Journey Through the History of Rock tour, featuring Anthony, Jason Bonham and guitarist Vic Johnson, begins Thursday in Cadott, Wisconsin.


Tommy Ramone, Last of the Founding Ramones, Dead at Age 65

Tommy Ramone, the last of the founding members of The Ramones, has died at age 65.

Ramone’s death was announced on the band’s official Twitter account just after midnight Eastern U.S. time on Saturday: “We are saddened to announce the passing of Ramones founding drummer Tommy (Erdelyi) Ramone. #RIPTommyRamone.”

Ramone reportedly had been fighting bile duct cancer.

Born Erdelyi Tamas in Budapest, Hungary, Ramone came to the U.S. in 1957 and ultimately joined forces with Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone -- aka Jeffrey Hyman, John Cummings and Douglas Colvin -- to form their groundbreaking punk band.

The quartet made their live performance bones at New York’s seminal punk club, CBGB, beginning 1974. Their first album, Ramones, was recorded in a week's time in 1976 for a reported $6,400. Though it wasn't commercially successful then, the album since come to be regarded as one of rock's most influential. Tommy Ramone played drums on that album, as well as the two follow-ups, Leave Home and Rocket to Russia, both released in 1977.

Tommy Ramone left the band after their third album to concentrate on studio work and producing. He was replaced by Marc Bell, aka Marky Ramone. Tommy Ramone spent the years since then producing music, and more recently as one-half of the bluegrass duo Uncle Monk.

The Recording Academy said in a statement, “As the last surviving member of the original Ramones lineup, his sad passing is truly the end of an era — or as the group would say ‘the end of the century.’ However, his and the group’s viable and enduring legacy serves as a potent reminder of why their work still is, and will remain, so influential. Our sincere condolences go out to his family, his friends, and all the musicians and fans who have been galvanized by the revolution he helped incite.”

The Ramones disbanded in 1996 and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002, one year after Joey Ramone died of lymphoma. Dee Dee Ramone died that year of a drug overdose, while Johnny died of prostate cancer in 2004.


Pete Townshend Stage Guitar, Keith Moon Drums Now on the Auction Block

Fans of The Who have a chance this month to get their hands on some pieces of the band's musical history. A 1970s stage-used Gibson SG guitar that belonged to Pete Townshend, and drums used by Keith Moon during the recording of Who Are You? are up for auction from online auction house

According to the auction house, the guitar was used by Townshend during at least one concert in Cleveland, then given to Cleveland disc jockey David Spero, who later became Joe Walsh's personal manager. The guitar comes with a letter of authenticity from Spero as well as the original case.

As for the Moon bundle, that includes a pair of Premier timbale drums with original heads, a Paiste crash cymbal and a drum stool. They come from Rolling Stones collector Matt Lee. and apparently was used during the recording of Moon's last album with The Who before his death in 1978.

The reserve price for the guitar is $2,500; for the drums the reserve is $1,000. The online auction is to be held July 25. For more information, check out the Lelands website.


Pizza for Paul? North Dakota Restauranteurs Want to Meet McCartney

Paul McCartney doesn't make it North Dakota a whole lot -- which makes his performance at the Fargodome Saturday a must-see for locals. Two locals who would love to attend the show but can't are Patty and Casey Absey, the owners of the Blackbird Woodfire pizzeria in Fargo. Patty tells the Washington Times, "We want to go to the concert but we're kind of busy running a restaurant right now. That sounds kind of lame, but that's just the truth of our situation."

The Abseys -- who would at least like to offer Sir Paul and his band free pizza -- actually took the name of their restaurant from the Beatles song "Blackbird," which McCartney wrote for The White Album. “The blackbird has a negative connotation to some, but it also symbolizes luck and prosperity," explains Patty. "I went back and listened to the song a couple of times again and thought [it was] perfect.”

Watch Concerts by KISS, Chevelle, The Neighbourhood, Everclear & More Live Online -- Every Day

Buying a concert ticket, driving to a venue, paying for parking and then silently cursing your bad view of your favorite music artist while idiots spill beer all over you? That's so last week. Starting this week, you'll be able to watch some of music's top artists performing live from the comfort of your bedroom -- every day of the year.

Concert promoters Live Nation and Yahoo! have teamed up for Yahoo! Live, an online channel that will stream one live concert per day, 365 days a year, starting on Tuesday with a show by the Dave Matthews Band from Jacksonville, Florida.

Other concerts you can look forward to include a July 17 show by The Neighbourhood, a July 19 performance by KISS, a July 20 show by Chevelle and a July 22 concert by Everclear. Other acts involved include Panic! at the Disco, 311, Three Days Grace, New Politics, 3 Doors Down, The Airborne Toxic Event, The Gaslight Anthem and Sick Puppies, with many more to come.

The exact day-to-day lineup for the channel's first 30 days is currently posted on The channel will also feature an on-demand selection of the artists' videos, as well as interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.


Ringo Starr: A Lifetime of Peace and Love Tribute Concert Premieres Sunday

One of the advantages of a long life is you’re around to enjoy everyone showing how much they love you. Ringo Starr, who turned 74 last Monday, gets to bask in the love this Sunday, during the Ringo Starr: A Lifetime of Peace and Love tribute concert, airing on AXS TV.

The concert actually took place last January at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, and also served to raise money for and awareness of the David Lynch Foundation, which seeks to promote peace and heal lives through meditation. Performers including Ringo’s brother-in-law, Joe Walsh, as well as Ben Harper, Ben Folds, and R&B queen Bettye LaVette, saluted the former Beatle by performing his music, as accompanying Ringo as he ended the evening with a three-song set, including leading an all-star sing-along of “With a Little Help from My Friends.”

You’d think by this point, Ringo would be hard to impress, but he tells ABC News Radio the concert was a first for him. “This is the first time that all these different acts are doing my songs,” he says. “Not Beatles songs. They're doing songs Ringo wrote. …I mean, first time that's ever happened to me. It's quite thrilling, really.”

Ringo Starr: A Lifetime of Peace and Love premieres Sunday at 7:00 p.m.CDT on AXS TV.


Duff McKagan, One of Last to See Kurt Cobain Alive, Says Kurt's Death Was No Surprise

(NOTE LANGUAGE) In a one-off interview with Austrian independent music TV channel Mulatschag [pr: MOO-laht-schak], Duff McKagan described sharing a flight with Kurt Cobain two days before the Nirvana singer committed suicide. The question about Cobain came at the end of the interview and appeared to catch McKagan a bit off guard, which might explain why he answered; the former Guns 'N Roses bassist has historically declined comment, though he did write a short entry about the incident in his autobiography, It's So Easy (and Other Lies).

Said McKagan, "I was really f**ked up [on that flight]. [We only exchanged], like, 87 words. We were both f**ked up....we were just two f**ked-up guys, but we were both in big bands and we landed at the airport and we kind of talked about it."

To illustrate just how messed up both he and Kurt were, Duff said, "My pancreas blew up four weeks later. He died two days later. So that’s where we were both at at our lives, at the end of our ropes."

Did McKagan have a premonition that Cobain's days were numbered? Yes and no, he said: "I didn’t have a sense that he was gonna die in two days, but...a lot of my friends and peers were dying or had died and I was getting numb to it, getting used to it. And...when I got a call that he died, I didn’t fall out of my chair. It just happened. And I was too f**ked up to really take it in. I was, like, 'Oh, another one fell.'"

The flight was from Los Angeles to Seattle on April 1, 1994. Cobain committed suicide on April 3.

You can watch the whole interview on Mulatschag's official YouTube channel.

New 23-Disc Grateful Dead Box Set Coming, Covering Spring 1990 Tour

Grateful Dead fans will get a miracle on September 9 with the release of the box set Spring 1990 (The Other One), documenting the band's historic 25th Anniversary tour.

The 23-disc box set, the follow-up to the group's 2012 collection, Spring 1990, covers eight complete shows, all previously unreleased. Also included is the official debut of one of the most sought-after shows for Dead collectors: the March 29, 1990 show at Nassau Coliseum, where Grammy-winning saxophonist Branford Marsalis sat in with the group.

"When I agreed to sit in with the Dead in 1990, I didn't know what to expect, aurally or visually," said Marsalis in a release. "What I experienced was what I remembered music to be in my younger years, something that I'd felt was lost long ago. Process over product. No set lists, light shows and costumes required, but music first. It's an experience I will always remember with great fondness."

159 tracks are spread across the 23 discs, including the Dead's first-ever live performance of The Band's "The Weight," the rare gem "Loose Lucy," a beautiful cover of Bob Dylan's "When I Paint My Masterpiece" and the band's final performance of "Revolution" by The Beatles.

The music is accompanied by a 144-page paperback book with essays by Nick Meriwether and Blair Jackson, a portfolio with three art prints by Jessica Dessner, replica ticket stubs and backstage passes for all eight shows.

Between the two box sets, the entire spring tour of 1990 will have been released.

The collection will be limited to 9,000 individually numbered copies and is currently available for pre-order exclusively from for $239.98. The collection will also be available for HD digital download on the same date, exclusively at for $199.98.

In addition to its inclusion in the box set, the Nassau Coliseum show with Marsalis will also be released separately as a three-disc set. Wake Up to Find Out 3/29/90 will be available for a suggested list price of $34.98 on CD and $19.99 digitally.

Spring 1990 (The Other One)
Featured Concerts
3/14/90 -- Landover, MD, Capital Centre
3/18/90 -- Hartford, CT, Civic Center
3/21/90 -- Hamilton, ON, Copps Coliseum
3/25/90 -- Albany, NY, Knickerbocker Arena
3/28/90 -- Uniondale, NY, Nassau Coliseum
3/29/90 -- Uniondale, NY, Nassau Coliseum (featuring Branford Marsalis)
4/1/90 -- Atlanta, GA, The Omni
4/3/90 -- Atlanta, GA, The Omni

Wake Up to Find Out 3/29/90 (Featuring Branford Marsalis) track list:
Disc One
"Jack Straw"
"We Can Run"
"Ramble On Rose"
"When I Paint My Masterpiece"
"Promised Land"

Disc Two
"Eyes of the World"
"Estimated Prophet"
"Dark Star"

Disc Three
"Dark Star"
"The Wheel"
"Throwing Stones"
"Turn On Your Lovelight"
"Knockin' on Heaven's Door"


Bono's Actress Daughter Scoffed at His Desire to Act, Told Him to "Keep the Day Job"

U2's Bono is one of rock's most charismatic frontmen, but at least one person thinks that charisma wouldn't translate to the big screen: his daughter, Eve Hewson.

Eve is an actress who's appeared in a few projects, including the James Gandolfini/Julia Louis-Dreyfus movie Enough Said, and the upcoming Cinemax miniseries The Knick. But Eve, one of Bono's four children, feels that her dad should not follow her in her footsteps. She tells W magazine, "My dad wants to be an actor now" -- the magazine reports that she made this comment "with a smirk" -- and then goes on to say, "He’s like, ‘What do you think of me being in a movie with Beyoncé?’ And I said, ‘Stick to your day job!'"

Bono -- who turned 54 last month -- and the rest of U2 are reportedly close to finishing the band's long-awaited next album. In an Irish radio interview in April, bassist Adam Clayton said he and the rest of the group have been doing "a lot of recording" lately, and added, "We're coming to an end, which is good."


The Outfield Singer & Guitarist John Spinks Dead

They were one of the hottest power pop bands of the 80s, and their monster hit “Your Love” was everywhere in 1986. John Spinks, guitarist and songwriter for the British band The Outfield and the man who wrote that song, died of liver cancer Wednesday. He was 60.

A post on the band’s Facebook page announcing the death calls Spinks “a loving husband, inspirational father, doting grandfather and gifted songwriter.”

Though it peaked at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100, “Your Love” is said to have been covered literally over 1,000 times, most recently by Katy Perry and Bruno Mars. The Outfield’s other hits include “Say It Isn’t So” and “All the Love in the World.”


Aerosmith's Joey Kramer Says Band Is Excited to Tour with Slash, "the Last of the Iconic Guitar Players"

Aerosmith is ready to let rock rule throughout the summer! The rock legends kick off the North American leg of their Let Rock Rule World Tour, with special guest Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, Thursday night in Wantagh, New York. The 20-date trek is mapped out through a September 12 show in the Canadian city of Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer tells ABC News Radio that he and his band mates are very excited to have the former Guns N' Roses guitarist take part in the outing. "We've wanted to have Slash come and play with us for a long, long time, since the Guns N' Roses days," he declares. "And Slash is one of the few guys out there, in my opinion, who's what I would call the last of the iconic guitar players, who's playing really says and means anything."

Back in April, Slash joined Aerosmith to perform a few tunes at a press event announcing the tour, so it's only natural that fans might expect similar onstage collaborations to take place during the trek. Says Kramer, "One of the things I love about being in this band is that you never know what to expect, and that's part of the fun. But I'm sure that you

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